Park Dental Aligners™

Profitable, Practical, Affordable Dental Solutions

Park Dental Aligners provide profitable, practical, affordable dental solutions for both your patients and your practice in our simple 3-step process. Let us takes the hard work out of aligning your patient's teeth while growing your practice.

Park Dental Aligners

Park Dental Aligners™ & Dream™ Aligners

A Solution for Every Aligner Patient

Continous Wear Aligners
Continuous Wear Aligners:
  • Improve Digital Workflow/ROI
  • Ideal for Significant Misalignment
  • Faster Treatment Times
  • Compete with Direct-to-Consumer Aligners


Grow your dental practice and improve your digital workflow by incorporating our profitable, predictable clear aligner therapy into your practice offerings. Park Dental Aligners™ will provide your patients with a great way to straighten their teeth without the bulky hassle of braces for a fraction of the cost of traditional braces. Our simplified pricing plan helps you keep a healthy bottom line while increasing your revenue stream.

PDA - Dream Aligners - Nighttime Wear Aligners
Nighttime Wear Aligners:
  • Better Patient Compliance
  • Multiple Treatment Plan Options
  • Increased Acceptance Rate
  • Same Great Results!


Park Dental Dream™ Aligners are the perfect solution for patients who prefer a more discreet, comfortable, convenient way to straighten their teeth. This allows patients the freedom to speak clearly, eat and drink, and smile freely during the day. Park Dental Dream™ Aligners are an ideal solution for mild crowding and spacing issues providing multiple treatment plan options with the same great results.

The Complete Package

PDA - Dream Aligners - Nighttime Wear Aligners