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We're Proud To Offer You the Most Straight Forward, Economical Pricing in the Industry

Whether you’ve been using clear aligners and have a good understanding of the way that they move teeth; or if you’re just getting started with clear aligners and want to have the assurance of knowing that all the bases are covered, then our simplified pricing program is for you! Our program is ideal for avoiding added expenses or budget busting sit uations… like a non-compliant patient.

We start with simple per item pricing, so you don’t pay for any more than you need!

Park Dental Aligners

Flat Rate Treatment Plan — Per Aligner Pricing

If your case reaches the Pricing Cap there’s NOTHING MORE TO PAY! (36 months per case) This includes:

Additional products can be ordered at the per item prices if they do not fit within the 36-month plan.

Let's be Clear: Park Dental Aligners wants you to have all of the perks with none of the hassle.

Each time you start or revise a treatment, you will need to approve a new treatment plan. Approval of a treatment plan is not needed to order retainers or replacements. Aligners and retainers are individually priced.

The entire treatment plan will arrive in one shipment unless you request a mid-treatment assessment. A new treatment plan will need to be approved if you choose a mid-treatment assessment.

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Pricing Cap will typically be reached in about 12 months.
All prices are in U.S. dollars. Shipping fees not included.
Volume discounts do not apply to shipping or other additional fees.
Dental groups may receive alternative pricing or discounts, as negotiated by their group.
This program is subject to change. Contact us for additional information, definitions and details.