Submitting Cases:

Option 1 -  I have an intra-oral scanner:

Through our partnership with EasyRx, we've made the process of submitting cases easy. You will need to create your PDR online account, and follow the steps below.

Intraoral Scanner
  1. Scan patient
  2. Take patient bite photos (with oral cheek retractor, left, right and center)
  3. Upload patient . STL file from scan and bite photos to Park Dental Researchs's account in EasyRx®

Notice: For doctors who do not already have an EasyRx account you will be provided with an invitation link.
If you have not received your EasyRx invitation link please click   


Option 2 -  I do not have an intra-oral scanner:

To help guide you we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions. Have additional questions? Call us at 1-800-243-7372 or E-mail us after hours at

Dental Stone Model
  1. You can order our Park Dental Aligner Impression Kit online (or use your own impression material and/or make a stone model.)
  2. Take patient bite photos (with oral cheek retractor, left, right and center)
  3. Mail us your impressions or stone models. Use the prepaid return label included in the Park Dental Aligner Impression Kit and send via FedEx or UPS to:
    2401 N. Commerce, Suite E,
    Ardmore, OK 73401

    Or send via United States Postal Service (USPS) to:
    2341 N. Commerce, Suite D,
    Ardmore, OK 73401

    *After impressions/models are received and scanned, the STL file will be uploaded to EasyRx®

  4. Upload patient photos to Park Dental Research’s lab page in EasyRx®

Submitting a New Case via EasyRx® Video Tutorial

Approving Cases & Completing Your Aligner Kit Order

Impression Kit
  1. Once your patient photos and scans have been uploaded to EasyRx®, the case is submitted for treatment planning.
  2. When the treatment planning is finished, you will be notified via email and you can view your patient’s treatment plan as well as an animated video of the proposed teeth movement.
  3. We will begin to fabricate the aligners for your patient once you approve the proposed treatment plan in EasyRx®. Your approval of your patient’s treatment plan is your consent to purchase the Park Dental Aligner kit. If you do not have payment information on file, a Park Dental customer representative will call to help set up your account and payment preferences.
  4. After the complete series of aligners have been fabricated, your patient’s Park Dental Aligners kit is assembled and shipped directly to you. You will be provided with shipping and tracking information for your order through the EasyRx® portal.

Approving Your Case via EasyRx® Video Tutorial

EasyRx Online Training & Support:

Park Dental Aligners have teamed up with EasyRx® to provide you with the most efficient way to improve your digital workflow and submit your patient cases. EasyRx® is a unique and revolutionary cloud application that allows orthodontists, dentists and labs the ability to digitally design, manage, and share their patient’s appliance prescriptions and supporting digital files.

The security of your information is vital to our success as a business. Partnering with EasyRx ensures that all information encrypted in both directions, uses 128-bit AES, supports TLS 1.2 for all transactions, and uses the DHE_RSA key exchange algorithm.

For more information including training and support please contact us during our regular business hours at 1-800-243-7372