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If you are ready to grow your practice and improve your digital work flow, simply create your online account, order your marketing kit, and submit your first case. We offer competitive, flexible pricing programs tailored to fit your business needs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

No. We know that you’re a professional and we trust your judgement.

It’s not difficult at all. You can start with an intraoral scan, impressions, or stone models. For cases with impressions or stone models, we scan them for you. Once the patient information is in a digital format, our software uses special algorithms to pre-plan your case.

Of course! We have everything you need to get the word out. (flip book, brochures, and even a video for your waiting room) You can order our marketing kit from our website.

First create your free online account and select to option to be listed as a provider. If have already registered as a member, log into the settings of your account on our webpage and make sure that you’ve checked the box. It’s that simple!

This will be different for each case and depends on how quickly you get the impressions and/or STL file and bite photos to us. Once we have digital scans and bite photos from your patient, your treatment plan will be ready in about 3 business days depending on order volume.

That’s simple. Before any aligners are fabricated, we will send you the proposed treatment plan as well as a video showing the simulated teeth movement. We won’t start until you say “Yes”.

Of course you can. If your patient changes their mind or if you decide on a different course of treatment, just let us know.

Many patients want a better smile but are too self-conscious to wear traditional braces. Aligners can be used for many orthodontic applications such as:
 • Deep overbite (Class II div 2 cases)
 • Mild crowding and malalignment problems (1-5 mm)
 • Lower incisor extraction for severe crowding cases
 • Absolute intrusion of 1 or 2 teeth
 • Spacing problems (1-5 mm)
 • Narrow arches that can be expanded without tipping the teeth too much.
 • Tip molar(s) distally

While we’d love to tell you that our clear aligners can be used for every orthodontic application, that simply isn’t true. There are some case that are severe enough that aligners alone will not provide the desired results. Examples of those cases would be:
 • Extrusion of teeth
 • Crowding and spacing over 5 mm
 • Teeth with short clinical crowns
 • Arches with multiple missing teeth or dental implants
 • Skeletal anterior-posterior discrepancies of more than 2 mm (as measured by discrepancies in cuspid relationships)
 • Centric-relation and centric-occlusion discrepancies
 • Severely tipped teeth (> 45 degrees)
 • Severely rotated teeth (> 20 degrees)
 • Open bites (anterior and posterior) that need to be closed

Of course not. We want your focus to be on your patients, not memberships and subscriptions to a variety of services.

Not at all. Just log in to your EasyRx account and choose Park Dental as your lab, then upload your cases as you normally would.

Yes you can! We’ve got you covered… If you are not a member of EasyRx® please contact us at or call our offices at 1-800-243-7372 and you will be provided with an invitation to access the Easy®Rx platform as a guest, at no charge. Once you have been granted access simply follow the instructions in our step-by-step guide and submit your first case to our Park Dental Aligners EasyRx® digital lab.

Existing EasyRx® Members
If you are an existing EasyRx® member, simply follow the instructions in our step-by-step guide and submit your patient information to our Park Dental Aligners EasyRx® digital lab.

Every case will be different. Simplified orthodontic cases or minor cosmetic cases can be done in just a few months to a year. More involved cases or long-term retention can last a couple of years or more. The more compliant your patient, the easier it will be to determine the length of your case.

Most dental insurances do cover orthodontia. Some companies cover a specified amount (usually $500-$3000) while others cover a percentage (from 25% to 50%) up to a certain amount. To be certain, check with the specific insurances that you accept.

If your patient is a candidate for one, they are a candidate for both. Daytime aligners are worn about 22 hours per day, while nighttime aligners are worn about 10 hours a night. Since patient compliance plays a big role in the success and predictability of a case; you’ll want to find out which option they will be the most comfortable (and compliant) with.

No. We can accept impressions or stone models as well as STL files from intraoral scanners. If you have one, feel free to use it, but don’t feel the need to purchase one just to get started with clear aligners.

That’s easy – ours! We have the most straight-forward, simplified pricing plan in the industry. Start by paying only for what you need (per treatment plan and per appliance), in about 12 months, you’ll reach our Price Cap, then the rest of your case is free! (up to 36 months per case)

We will begin to fabricate the aligners for your patient once you approve the proposed treatment plan in EasyRx®. Your approval of your patient’s treatment plan is your consent to purchase the Park Dental Aligner kit. If you do not have payment information on file, a Park Dental customer representative will call to help set up your account and payment preferences.

  • Crowded Teeth
  • Spacing Issues
  • Midline Shift
  • Edge-to-edge Bite
  • Overbite
  • Open Bite
  • Crossbite
  • Deep Bite

For additional support please call 1-800-243-7372 and ask for one of our Smile Specialists

Patient Support Resources

Park Dental Aligners Guides / Instruction Booklets

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Park Dental Aligners Impression Booklet
(Patient Material/User Guide)
PM-187 Rev01
Park Dental Aligners Guide
(Patient Material/User Guide)
PM-182 Rev01
Park Dental Aligners Dream Aligners Guide
(Patient Material/User Guide)
PM-185 Rev01
Park Dental Whitening Guide
(Patient Material/User Guide)
PM-180 Rev02
Park Dental Smile Optimizer Guide
(Patient Material/User Guide)
PM-191 Rev01
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