Why Park Dental Research Aligners™


MINIMIZE CHAIR TIME Park Dental Aligners allow every dentist to be competitive with emerging mail-order aligner companies. Forget about scheduling multiple patient visits. Minimize chair time by letting Park Dental setup your treatment plan and fabricate your aligners. We will ship them directly to your office or to your patient — the choice is yours. Park Dental will include patient instructions for your convenience.


Our pricing is so affordable that you can earn more while your patients pay less. Don’t pay for any more than you need. Start with the lowest per item pricing in the industry for your treatment plan and a flat rate per aligner. Never pay more than our Pricing Cap for a full three years per case! No hidden fees and huge savings for high volume providers.


EASY TO GET STARTED Simply upload your digital 3D files or mail your impressions or stone models along with patient photos to Park Dark Aligners. Our aligner engineers will use the latest technology to create a custom smile and treatment plan. The digital treatment plan, tooth movement simulation and optimal smile results will be sent to you for your final treatment plan approval. When you say “YES” we begin fabrication.


CLINICALLY ACCURATE PROCESS Park Dental Aligners are fabricated to be clinically accurate using an FDA 510K cleared process and the highest quality materials. Park Dental Aligner engineers are trained and operate according to FDA & ISO standards. All appliances are 100% inspected for accuracy and adherence to the approved treatment plan.

From Start to Approval

Getting Started

Through our partnership with EasyRx, we've made the process of submitting cases easy as 1, 2, 3. Click the button below to learn how to get started now!

Submitting a Case

Whether or not you have an intra-oral scanner, with Park Dental Aligners, it's simple make impressions of your patient's current smile and submit their case.

Approving a Case

When the treatment planning is finished, you can view your patient’s treatment plan as well as an animated video of the proposed teeth movement.

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Added benefits

Misaligned teeth can cause embarrassing difficulties with speech and can also make you feel self-conscious about your smile. Smiling less may make others see you as less friendly, less approachable,...


Uneven distribution of your bite caused by crooked teeth can result in jaw pain and injury. The joint where your upper and lower jaw meet on each side is called...

Park Dental Aligners provide practical, affordable, life-changing dental solutions.

We understand the dental challenges your patients face. View our case studies to learn more.

Open Source Scanners Accepted

We accept impressions and stone models in addition to digital scans.
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